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h360 is the authorized Plug In and Pour distributor in the NY, Boston, Philly and DC markets .  We are your team's resource for installation, sales and service.  Click here to purchase Plug In and Pour 

Plug in & Pour is the self-sufficient beverage dispensing unit designed to bring the bar experience anywhere. 

This unit is the complete out of the box solution showcasing a variety of beverages for the discerning tastemaker including beer, wine, champagne, cold brew coffee, craft soda or anything that is in a keg, half barrel, or quarter barrel.




From setup to The Perfect Pour in less than 2 hours

Just "Plug in and Pour"
Minimal waste
Temperature controlled environment
No construction need
Fully Portable
Made in the USA
Patent Protected



  • The only thing you need is a dedicated 110V electrical outlet.
  • No water or sewer line is required which allows for maximum portability.Plug_In_and_Pour_Cleaning_System
Industry standard pressure gauges and short lines from the keg to the tap ensure that beer is poured perfectly every time.
Within hours this unit will enable you to start selling fresh beer, wine or coffee without going through expensive renovations, downtime and sacrificing valuable space.  Perfect for featuring more kegs or to start selling growlers in any point of sale environment such as hotels, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, casinos or any where you can imagine- including on top of a mountain!

We know - you have a lot more questions!
Perfect if you own or manage:
  • Event or Party Space
  • Stadiums, Theaters and other facilities
  • Restaurant, Bar or Nightclub
  • Hotels
  • Airport Concessions
  • Retail, Luxury Brands
  • WeWork 42nd Members
  • Residential, Summer and Vacation Homes


"The Cadillac of Beer Machines"

Jody Peters, The Prairie Diner, Season 2 Episode 6